Paycheck Isn’t In the Mail

By Keith Schultz

Nov 26, 2011; Charlottesville VA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers fans dressed as founder Thomas Jefferson (not pictured) wave two dollar bills before the game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at the Scott Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

A rule of thumb in lockout/walkouts is that after missing four paychecks is when the players or union workers begin to crack under the pressure.  Today is the date that all NHLers have now missed their fourth paycheck with little movement in NHL negotiations for a new CBA.

Like almost every other negotiation it’s all about money, but nobody is making any while arena’s are left empty with only ice capades and concerts being played.

With so many options available in October and November the casual fan doesn’t miss hockey to much, but if you are not a huge NBA fan the nights are way to boring and quiet without the NHL, Chicago Blackhawks, and Pat Foley being on the TV!

Hopefully the NHL players were not good savers and the fourth check missing will start to hurt at least a little.  If it doesn’t all the experts are wrong and the winter will just continue to keep getting colder and colder.

The lockout is only hurting the overall product of the NHL and apparently both sides have blinders on and don’t realize they are slowly killing their product with no regard for the future.  Way to only think of oneself while slowly killing ones self and the league so many worked hard to build.

The Check is not in the mail just another day of….


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