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By JoHannah Lowder

Nov 25, 2011; Anaheim, CA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (center) celebrates with center Patrick Sharp (10) and right wing Patrick Kane (88) and defenseman Duncan Keith (2) and defenseman Nick Leddy (8) after scoring a goal during the third period against the Anaheim Ducks at The Honda Center. The Blackhawks beat the Ducks 6-5. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

While the NHL and the Players Association are still pretending to negotiate a new CBA, new news on the Chicago Blackhawks is scarce. The only things to talk about are the players’ lockout activities and the CBA drama, which got depressing a long time ago. By far the most interesting news is old news. Remembering our experiences with the Blackhawks is the only reason that we’ll be there whenever our team finally pulls on the Indian Head sweaters again.

While my memories of the Blackhawks are limited to one season, some of the best are from listening to the games on the radio. Granted, it was from an app on my smartphone instead of a “real” radio, but it’s the same idea.

On game nights after work or a late class, I would open the WGN Radio app on my phone and listen to Troy Murray and John Wiedeman call the game a heartbeat after it all happened. They would describe Patrick Sharp‘s slap shots hitting the back of the net as the horn blared in the United Center, Patrick Kane‘s near misses a moment after we heard the clang of puck hitting pipe, Andrew Shaw deflecting and colliding with things simultaneous with the “ahs” and “ohs” of the crowd, and echoing our own pride in the captain as they described Jonathan Toews leading the way in comebacks. And so much more.

Listening to hockey on the radio is seems much more nerve-wracking than watching on a screen! Staring intently at nothing or closing your eyes altogether is a pose reserved for only the most intense moments in a radio broadcast Blackhawks game. Breakaways, penalty shots, overtime, shootouts – those are all things that your ears listen to faster than the play-by-play announcers can depict them.

Radio broadcasts of hockey is something that I didn’t expect to miss. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed them. Until the owners and players finally decide that the game we love is more important than following the businessmen, we’ll miss this special, gripping aspect of hockey.

What are some of your favorite memories of listening to the Blackhawks on the radio?

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