We Survived The End of The World…..Now What?

By Keith Schultz

Apr 19, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks left wing Brandon Bollig (52) fights Phoenix Coyotes left wing Paul Bissonnette (12) during the first period of game four of the 2012 Western Conference quarterfinals at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

We survived the Mayans calendar fiasco and the fraud that was that December 21 2012 would be the end of the world.  Maybe the brain trust of the NHL was counting on a simple calendar as their escape clause for the NHL.  Neither sides seems willing to budge much which leaves us nothing but Juniors, Minors, and foreign leagues.

None of the other options really excites me very much.  The NHL is the best of the best and that is what I want to watch live and on the TV. It really doesn’t matter how many games Andrew Shaw gets suspended while playing in Rockford, I want to see him on the ice in Chicago.  No matter how many goals Patrick Kane scores in Europe all that matters is if and when will he get to play on United Center Ice again.

Donald Fehr also survived the Mayan calendar but he is the reason why we aren’t able to watch the Captain setting up teammates for goal after goal or why we can’t see Marian Hossa make a return to the ice after the Raffi Torre hit in the playoffs that seem like a lifetime ago.

The biggest thing I was excited for was if who and where Brandon Saad would fit in on the big team, but instead I see Gary Bettman at the podium and no Chicago Blackhawks on the ice. The world didn’t end yesterday, but the NHL could be headed for extinction if they cancel the season and do not get a CBA signed.

We all got a second chance when we woke up Saturday, now like George Bailey the NHL and NHLPA need to something new and exciting with their second chance and get a season on the books!

I promise never to mention the Mayans ever again!


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