Just Do It! End The Lockout

By Keith Schultz

Nov 14, 2011; Stanford CA, USA; General view of rows of empty seats during the first half of a preseason NIT game between the Southern Methodist Mustangs and the Colorado State Rams at Maples Pavilion. Colorado State defeated Southern Methodist 75-56. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

No this is not about Nike and their new campaign about the lockout, but if you want to read a good article with a NIKE commercial included from our fansided family member Too Many Men on the Site click HERE

It seems like tonight just like so many others before it is a HUGE night for the NHL and NHLPA. In a scene out of a movie where it’s counter-proposal after counter-proposal it seems like there are two huge deciding factors for a season or if the union files a disclaimer. 1. Pension 2. Salary Cap

Pensions really Pensions??? What I read on Twitter from @Chitown_sports is really true. If you are making over a million dollars a year you don’t need a pension save the money yourself (to paraphrase) Seriously, pensions were set up for blue-collar workers not sports entertainers making millions but spending tens of millions.  If this is the reason we all miss out on the 2013 season it would be a disgrace to hockey.

The second reason of a salary cap is understandable from a player perspective, but in the end if the cap is up or down even a fraction isn’t it better to receive a check than to go without? The cap divided by 20 something players per team really isn’t a huge deal if you break it down player by player. But get absolutely nothing is a huge percentage compared to 100%!

Hopefully they can bring it all together and both sides  compromise for the good of the game! I would rather see Just do it on uniforms instead of commercials mocking the sport!


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