Hey Hawks Fans!

By Skylar Peters

Hello everyone, my name is Skylar, and i’m extremely excited to begin writing here at Blackhawk Up. My love for the game of hockey has been around just about as long as I have. I am 15 years old, and have been following the Blackhawks for about 4 years now.  I live all the way up north in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada,  and I am looking forward to a career in sports broadcasting. I play hockey at the AAAA High School level, and I have a good understanding of the game and it’s systems. I’m pleased that I will be able to share my perspective as a young person to all you Blackhawks faithful, and I’m looking forward to going in-depth about the team that has brought us all together.

No one, even in the hockey-crazy city I live in, was more excited to hear news of the lockout ending. Even with the shortened season, it is a chance for the Blackhawks to once again etch their name in the history books. I cannot wait to hear the sounds of Chelsea Dagger play again, and see another Stanley Cup run in the Madhouse.

The Blackhawks franchise is one that bleeds tradition, history, and pride. I have embraced all of those and that is why I am here today. There is nothing I want to do more than involve myself even deeper into this franchise and this game. If you are a longtime Blackhawk fan I would love to interact with you in the comments, or on Twitter @SPeters_BU. I can’t wait to interact with you readers, so feel free to leave any comments about yourself or your ‘Hawks experience on the site!

5 Days till Blackhawks hockey folks!