Blackhawks News

Greetings, Hawks nation!

By Brian Kinkade

Hello, Blackhawks faithful!  My name is Brian, and I am very excited to officially say that I can now vent my Hawks fanaticisms to the world wide web!  As the freshest face amongst the staff writers here at Blackhawk Up, I hope to present unique perspectives, insights, and opinions on all things Blackhawk and hockey related.

I have been a Hawks fan since around the age of seven, and went to my first game in 1995, at The United Center.  I have been a fan ever since then, which means I survived the Bill Wirtz era.  In the last few years, my patience and devotion has payed off(disregarding the most recent lockout) as the Hawks have returned to their well-deserved glory, as we are in the midst of what might go down as the “Golden Age” of Blackhawk hockey.

Alongside religiously following the Hawks on a daily-basis, I am also currently a college student studying  journalism and hope to one day make a career as a sports writer.  Hopefully writing for Blackhawk Up will go down as the first step into achieving this dream.

I am looking forward to providing interesting and valuable insights as the puck is about to drop on my writing career and the 2013 NHL season.

Let’s Go Hawks!