Lone Star Q & A With Blackout Dallas

By Keith Schultz

Mar 16, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford (50) makes a save on Dallas Stars left wing Brenden Morrow (10) during the game at the American Airlines Center. The Blackhawks defeated the Stars 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks are facing the Dallas Stars tonight so to prepare for the action I had a Q & A session with Melissa Grissom Editor and George Royal writer of BlackoutDallas the fansided Dallas Stars s 

1. Will we see Jamie Benn back in a Stars uniform this season and how is the team dealing with his absence?

 Melissa: Yes we will see Jamie Benn back in uniform for the Stars. He is after all the franchise player. The team is dealing with abstinence good right now. I mean honestly they do miss his offense and leadership but Michael Ryder and  Jaromir Jagr are picking up the offense

2. Was the signing of Jagr and Whitney a sign that the Stars are “going for it for the Stanley Cup” or are they just going to be flipped for young prospects?

George: without making the playoffs for 4 years, i think the signings of Jagr and Whitney are to bring instant success to Dallas and make the playoffs this season. These two will also have a big helping hand in developing the younger guys, 4 years without playoff hockey in a long time, and I think Nieuwendyk has realized that it is almost do-or-die this season is a long time

3. Speaking of Jagr and Whitney, they are leading the team in scoring how surprised has these  veterans performance been?

Melissa: It has been surprising so far. I am shocked that they still have the scoring ability. I see them helping out the young players kinda like Jagr did with Claude Giroux when Jagr was in Philadelphia

4. Will the fate of the Stars be how far Kari Lehtonen is able to carry the team?

George: Not as much as last season the additions of Jagr, Roy and Whitney have added a lot more depth to the scoring options, meaning we should score more goals and in doing so take the pressure off of Kari but of course he will still have a big part to play

5. How much momentum can the Stars take from the road win in Detroit?

 Melissa: They will take a lot of momentum from the road win. They will also have the home crowd behind them.

6. Who should the Hawks fear most tonight?

Melissa: Michael Ryder, Kari Lehtonen, Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr

Ashley: Jaromir Jagr and Jordie Benn (Jamie’s younger brother)

George: Derek Roy has played well but hasnt scored yet. it is only a matter a time before he scores, hopefully it will be tomorrow night!

7. What is your prediction for the game tonight?

Melissa: a 4-2 stars victory

George: Chicago have got off to a great start, and I will think we will see the first OT action of the season for the Stars. 3-2 to the Hawks in OT

Thanks again to Melissa and George for the time, For a look for my answers to their questions here is a link to BlackoutDallas. If you are looking for more hockey alternatives on Twitter @BlackoutDallas has a very active Twitter account.

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