Chicago Blackhawks Bandwagon: A Letter To The Fans

By JoHannah Lowder

Mar 5, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; The Chicago Blackhawks wear Marian Hossa

The NHL record 24-game season-starting point streak and franchise record 11-game winning streak of the Chicago Blackhawks is over, much to the joy of jealous NHL fans and the disappointment of bandwagon fans. It’s a defeat that Blackhawks fans have been bracing themselves for and opposing fans around the league predicted, pretending to have great insight into the team’s future. For Blackhawks fans, it’s a chance to finally breathe out after 7 weeks of holding in the gulps of air taken before every win, overtime, and shootout.

The Blackhawks (and the NHL) gained a new following of fans because of their record start to the season and uncanny ability to pull off win after win in dramatic and entertaining ways. Now that the streak is over, many bandwagon fans may feel the urge to jump ship, especially after a 4-goal loss. I want to talk to them. Don’t leave now. The Blackhawks still have so much more to give! The team that did magic to draw fans back after the lockout and create new ones will pull off miracles to earn their loyalty.

When The Streak began to become a streak, the Blackhawks said that it’s nice, but it’s not the goal. It’s fun, but there is more fun waiting down the road. There is just one goal: to hoist the Stanley Cup and bring it back to Chicago. The Blackhawks have been one of the most consistent teams in the league through half of the season (and over a 4th of a regular NHL season). They will continue to do the impossible. Because they’ve done it before.

Just because the streak has ended and the media frenzy has died down doesn’t mean the story is over. If you thought that The Streak was a party, just wait until June. The journey will be incredible and the after party so satisfying.

Are you a new or renewed fan of the Chicago Blackhawks?

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