On This Date In Chicago Blackhawks History

By Keith Schultz

chicago stadium (picture courtesy of NBA.com)

On this date in Chicago Blackhawks history,

On March 28, 1929 Chicago Stadium was completed and ready for use of the Chicago Blackhawks.  The original Madhouse on Madison Street was the home for the Blackhawks from 1929-1994.  The Stadium has to be the loudest Stadium of all-time.  I saw my first Blackhawks games at the Stadium and one of my favorite Hawks memories was when my Dad scored tickets for opening night of the 1986 season.  I don’t remember anything specific about the night except the cool season calendar, but what I do remember was that there were at least ten fights in the stands and almost just as many fights on the ice.  I did see Michael Jordan play at the Stadium in his rookie season when the Stadium didn’t sell out every night for the greatest basketball player of all-time, but nothing was as special as seeing a Blackhawks goal and hearing the horn go off at the Stadium.

I’m sure almost everyone has stories of the Stadium please feel free to share them in the comments section!  The United Center has been the home of the Hawks since 1994 but for any old time Hawks fan it can never replace the Stadium!

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