A Young Hockey Players Dream Spring Break

By Keith Schultz

Drew LeBlanc Chicago Blackhawks (bigstory.ap.org)

When someone thinks of spring break one usually thinks of beaches and a whole lot of fun.  It sounds like Drew LeBlanc is on a hockey players dream spring break without any beaches but again a whole lot of fun.

Leblanc came to the Hawks for many different reasons, and with the Hawks needing a center Blackhawks fans want to see the college player of the year on the ice to see what he has to offer but according to Mark Lazerus LeBlanc has different plans.

Even though Denis Savard did much of the early grooming of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews the Blackhawks have developed a lot of young talent even during the Joel Quenneville era including Nick Leddy which is one of the reasons LeBlanc chose the Hawks.

LeBlanc sounds  like a guy living the dream. College player of the year and with the ability to pick any team he goes with the Blackhawks with a roster full of very talented young players.  It may not include drinks on the beach, but if your a hockey player this has to be a dream come true that couldn’t get any better!

LeBlanc may still get a shot on the ice in the final few games, but either way it sounds like the greatest spring break ever for LeBlanc!

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