Stop!! Step Away From The Panic Button!!

By Keith Schultz

No need to panic!! The series is only 2-1 (Picture courtesy of

I totally understand the reasons why Chicago fans are already pushing the panic button after only three games of the Western Conference Semi-final series. With Detroit winning two straight games and taking a 2 games to 1 lead the Blackhawk faithful have starting to lose faith and punching the panic button.  Yes, many, too many of our teams have let us down throughout the years from the late 80’s Bears to Bartman Cubs to even last years choke job by the White Sox in the last week of the season.  This is only three games in, so the series is just beginning and here is some reasons why it’s not time to panic.

1. Detroit has played almost perfect hockey.  The Detroit game plan has been perfect and well-played in Games #2 and #3 playing defensive hockey with just enough sprinkling of offense.  The Red Wings playing a Nashville type man back defense has been frustrating for the Hawks offensive stars, but let’s not forget the Hawks were down 2-1 to the Predators in 2010 and were struggling offensively against a goalie playing great until they figured out how to beat the defensive set up and took the series 4-2.

2. The bounces haven’t gone the Hawks way- The Hawks had a goal waved off that shouldn’t have been and in Game #3 they hit the goal post three times.  A glass half empty fan would say that this is a sign that they are destined to lose the series, but I see it as a fact that the bounces are about to change in favor of the Hawks.

3. The Hawks haven’t lost three straight games all year.  This team has found a way to stop any kind of negative roll all year long from the opening bell until now. There is no reason to think that the Hawks are not going to break this two game losing streak Thursday night and start another one of their long 2013 winning streaks.

4. Captain Serious Will Turn The Tide- Jonathan Toews has been a fraction off for 9 games now but history says this will change and change real quick. Yes, he’s playing his mirror image Pavel Datsyuk and the Red Wings best defensive pairing, but Toews doesn’t have a Gold Medal, Conn Smyth Trophy and his name on the Stanley Cup without being a great star player that will lead the Hawks to Victory.

Yes, the first three games didn’t go as planned but the extra day off will give the Hawks time to regroup, organize, and attack the Red Wings in game 4 and calm the panic in Blackhawk Nation.

What do you think? Are you still far removed from the panic button? I know I am!

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