Fan Reaction Poll: Our First And Last Poll About BACON!

By Keith Schultz

Welcome to Manti Te’0 meets the Stanley Cup playoffs.

This smells like in the end this site just wanted more followers on Twitter to me.

A guy named Bacon had a a great idea to allegedly put a listing on Craigslist with a ridiculous story on how to win Tickets to Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  According to his story he just wanted a crazy reaction to his listing so he could post them as a story.

Unfortunately or it worked out perfectly, the real news (no not the National Inquirer from Men in Black) Deadspin picked up this crazy story of cage diving for 2 tickets that now  Mr. Bacon (not Kevin)  had his story go viral.

To save the day he went to StubHub (not Craigslist) bought 2 tickets and put a very simple contest together so that he could fulfill his contest.  Here is a link to this strange story which contains the rules to the contest.

The rules are simple

1. Follow @baconsports- What a great way to get thousands of new followers on Twitter without the please RT us posts that most sites do.

2. Send a creative YouTube video- Seems easy right?

So it all smells like a Te’o hoax of a story to me to get attention and Twitter followers, but the real question is how bad do you want to go to Game #1 of the Finals and will you be sending Bacon a video?

FYI, the suggest articles to read after reading the Contest rules is a very strange collection!

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