Happy Father’s Day From Blackhawk Up

By Keith Schultz

Feb 20, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks forward

Patrick Kane

(left) with his father, Patrick Kane Sr. (right) during the second half of a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks at the United Center. The Bulls won 90-79. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Father’s Day!!

Yes, the Hawks didn’t pull out an overtime win last night and we  are all depressed today but one thing that can quickly get out of this depression is our Dads!

While your out grilling or taking Dad out to a game today or just giving him a call on the phone, I just wanted to take a second and thank my Dad for all he’s done and here is some sports and  Blackhawks memories I have while spending time with my Dad.

Growing up even though I liked the Cubs we went to a lot of games at Old Comisky watching Chet Lemon play in left field and seeing Harry Caray pre-Cubs singing the 7th inning stretch because my Dad was a huge Sox fan. If only Mike Squires could have ever fouled one off to me but it never happened!  Those memories at Comiskey and a rare day at Wrigley are fun but the Blackhawks ones are the best.

The Blackhawks memories are the best because my Dad would usually get tickets once a year to Old Chicago Stadium and even though it looked like a old warehouse there was something special inside.  There was Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, and Al Secord all on one line! Every goal scored was great too and seeing how excited the Stadium would get with the red light flashing and horn sounding (Pre-Chelsea Dagger) But the best part was having Dad their right next to us. Of all the sporting events I’ve attended going to a hockey game at the Stadium will always be the best experience.

As great as the memories at the Stadium the best times with my Dad and the Blackhawks were at home.  Before every game was on TV all home games were on radio and during the playoffs we wouldn’t miss a game.  Sitting there listening with my Dad was great waiting for a Pat Foley HE SCORES or BANNERMAN with the save during a 80’s playoff runs was memories of a lifetime.

One last thing does give me reminder of this years  playoff run.  When we finally did get cable during one playoff game a Hawks game went to overtime and it was just me and my Dad watching the game and it was getting late and the Hawks scored and my and Dad let out a yell that probably woke up the neighborhood but it for sure woke up everyone in the house! My grandmother who lived with us even came out and yelled at both of us to Knock off all the Racket!! I’m pretty sure when Brent Seabrook scored against Detroit in Game #7 overtime it was a replay except my Dad was 500 miles away but I was waking up my house and after a minute I was thinking about my Dad.

Thanks for reading about my memories! What’s a memory you have about your Father and the Blackhawks? Please feel free to share your memories in the comment section.

Happy Father’s Day!!