The 2013 NHL Draft: When Do The Chicago Blackhawks Pick?

By Keith Schultz

NHL draft is Sunday here are the spots that the Chicago Blackhawks select in the 2013 draft.

1. Round 1 Pick 30 

Best Blackhawks Round 1 pick- 2006 Jonathan Toews 3rd selection overall.  Toews just became only the 2nd Captain to hoist multiple Stanley Cups by the age of 25 the other was none other than Wayne Gretzky.

2. Round 2– None (Traded to Winnipeg for Johnny Oduya)

Best Blackhawks Round 2 pick-2002- Duncan Keith 54th selection overall. Keith has a Norris trophy which he won in 2010 and now has two Stanley Cup championships.

3. Round 3– None (Traded to Winnipeg for Johnny Oduya)

Best Blackhawks Round 3 pick-1980- Troy Murray-57th pick overall. Murray best known for his radio work was a very good center in the 80’s for the Blackhawks that could beat anyone in the Western Conference but Wayne Gretzky’s Oilers.

4. Round 4- Pick 121

Best Blackhawks Round 4 pick-1993-Eric Daze 90th selection overall. One of the best players for the Blackhawks during one of their worst era’s. Daze ended his career with 226 goals and 172 assists in 601 games.

5. Round 5-Pick 151

Best Blackhawks Round 5 pick- 2011 Andrew Shaw 139th selection overall.  Shaw is a much celebrated late draft pick. In 2012 it was Shaw Facts in 2013 the facts was the Shaw was valuable playing hard every night ending with his first Stanley Cup.

6. Round 6- Pick 181

Best Blackhawks Round 6 pick- 1980 Steve Larmer 120th pick overall. Larmer scored 441 goals 571 assists and over 1,000 points.  Imagine if there was social media back in 1981 Larmer facts? He played on my favorite line of my youth along side Denis Savard and Al Secord.

7. Round 7-Pick 211

Best Blackhawks Round 7 pick- 2004 Troy Brower 214th pick overall. Brower was a big body that helped end the longest playoff draught in Blackhawks team history (49)  Brower was traded after the first Cup to the Capitals where he has averaged 18 goals a season.

How many draft day deals will Stan Bowman make this weekend? How many of these spots will the Blackhawk actually make selection?

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