The Chicago Blackhawks After 21 Years Gives Jaromir Jagr A Nightmare To Remember!

By Keith Schultz

Jun 14, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Boston Bruins right wing Jaromir Jagr during practice the day before game two of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final against the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The 1992 Finals were a nightmare for the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans especailly when the Hawks were 4-1 in Game #1 but weren’t able to close out the win and Jaromir Jagr scored one of the best goals all-time in the Finals. The Hawks lost Game #1 and never recovered and were swept out of the Finals by the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Nightmares are hard to overcome, but the Hawks may have given Jagr one in 2013 that will take 21 years for him to get over too!

It all started out harmlessly four games into the season and the streak! Dallas in a game they could have won lost in overtime and Marian Hossa scores the game winner after receiving a great behind the back feed from Patrick Kane while Jagr doesn’t record a point.

The second game between the Hawks and Dallas wasn’t as harmless for the players and fans of the Stars. The Hawks offense was in full swing and quickly put this game away in a 8-1 victory.  Jagr got to see the Hawks offense at it’s finest including this Denis Savard salute goal by Patrick Kane!

Jagr luckily for him was traded to the Boston Bruins so he missed the Hawks 5-2 defeat at the United Center, but Jagr got a first hand look at Andrew Shaw’s goal in the third overtime of Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Finals!

The Bruins won the next two games and according to the East Coast Bias media were well on their way to the Stanley Cup, the Hawks came out flying in a crazy Game #4 that ended in a 6-5 win for the Hawks courtesy of this Overtime goal by Brent Seabrook!

Game #5 was all Patrick Kane scoring both goals before the Dave Bolland empty netter to seal the win.  This is the least dramatic of all the goals in the Jagr 2013 nightmare but it set up the finale in Game #6! Here is the 2nd of Kane’s goals in Game #5!

Game #6 will be a nightmare for every Boston Bruin that was on the ice, but after what #68 saw for the entire shortened season going 2-6 against the Hawks while not recording one goal against the Hawks, these 17 seconds can finally wash away what happened in the Igloo 21 years ago!  I hope you enjoy the 2013 final scene from Jagr’s nightmare season!