NHL 14 Update: NHL 14 Features NHL 94 Anniversary Mode

By Skylar Peters

Martin Brodeur gracing the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 14 video game will ensure historic features on the package, and with the developer’s announcement on Thursday, the game will make sure it pays its dues on the disc as well.

Mandatory Credit: easports.com

NHL 14’s release will mark 20 years of the hockey franchise, and to commemorate, EA sports is including a “NHL 94 Anniversary Mode”

The mode will be playable offline, and will allow players to go back to the glory days of the franchise, which features all the classic players we know and love, simple button controls, no offsides, icings, and penalties, and the throwback feel that is sure to make original gamers feel that rush of nostalgia.

Take a look for yourself:

NHL 14 will be released on September 10th in North America, and on September 13th worldwide.

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