Greeting Blackhawks Fans!

By Sean Fitzgerald

This is the real me with Ice Girls at the United Center in 2011

I am the newest edition to the Blackhawks up team.  Here is a little information about my Blackhawks Fan story.

My name is Sean Fitzgerald. I am a 29 year old Chicago sports fan. I am a Chicago sports fan because I avidly follow all Chicago sports; however, my greatest passion is for the Chicago Blackhawks.  People who follow me on twitter know that most of my posts are related to sports in some way.

I like so many other Blackhawks fans have been starved for the ability to watch our team on TV, let alone have a winning team.  I used to read the newspaper about the Blackhawks. I could not stand Skip Bayless articles on anything and I think that was the emotion he meant to invoke.

My first Blackhawks game was Tony Almonte’s first game back as a member of the Phoenix Coyote. I walked up that night and bought tickets with a high school ID for fifteen dollars. The United Center was empty; we sat twenty rows off the glass and had a whole section to ourselves.  It was depressing to see a once proud franchise be so low.

I really enjoyed the rise back to glory with this franchise. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend two games that season. One was a regular season shootout against the Boston Bruins and the other was Game 5 of the 2010 Stanley Cup. This will be the greatest sport experience of my life. My voice was gone and elbow hurt so much from clapping before the National Anthem was finished.  I informed anyone who wasn’t a fan of hockey to attend one Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center now. They would be hooked for life on that experience and that team.

With all of that being said, I look forward to writing for Blackhawks up because I love sharing my thoughts on the franchise. I feel that I have a great view of sports. I also have a passion for sports. When constructing an article, I base all my observations or arguments on stats. I pride myself on being a well informed sports fan. I think the only way to write an article is to do your research and read other people’s view before you formulate your view. I love great sports debates and trying to prove that my view point is correct. I do however admit that I wrong and concede to better arguments.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you Blackhawks fans and hearing your responses.