Fan Poll: Madhouse On Madison

By Keith Schultz

Madhouse on Madison Signage Inside The United Center (Picture Courtesy OF

News broke today about the Madhouse on Madison signage being brought down.  The first I read of it was, of course on Twitter, this morning from @Puckinhostile.  The signage allegedly was brought down to “enhance fan experience” with a new LED signage system.  The comments as already mentioned on our Twitter Tuesday post have been all over the board.  It did kind of shed some light on our fan base post the 2013 Stanley Cup.

For starters I’m all for the more fans the better and there is always room on the Blackhawks bandwagon.  The more people who watch games live or on TV and get hooked to Chicago Blackhawks hockey the better fan base we will become. Just look at this year’s parade and festivities, they looked 10 times as big as they did just a few years back in 2010.

The signage coming down did seem to age when you became a fan especially from what has been commented on Twitter and Facebook.  If you’re an older fan or pre-Toews/Kane era the words Madhouse On Madison meant one thing which was Chicago Stadium.  That old barn was the loudest Stadium ever constructed and was electric on almost every night.  Getting to watch Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, Al Secord, and Murray Bannerman at the Stadium as a kid is memory you cannot ever take away.

Anyone that became a fan in the Toews/Kane era or during the Hawks dark ages know the Madhouse on Madison as the signage at the United Center which has been part of two Stanley Cup runs in four seasons.  It’s this part of the fan base that seems very upset about the signage removal which really can be stated as we can create new revenue with the new LED system.

So with the comments all over the place on social media, here is a poll to vote on to see what our fans think about the signage removal.

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