Leading The Way: Eight New Captains You Might See Next Season

By Skylar Peters
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Everyone knows the NHL is fast-paced on the ice, and off the ice is no different. No season proved this point more than the past 2013 campaign, where we saw a busy trade deadline and even busier free-agent frenzy.

Many faces swapped jerseys, and eight players gave up the “C” on their sweaters, and turned a new leaf with a new club. This left an unprecedented eight teams with a hard decision to make; who was going to be the next leader. Will it be the star? The veteran? The workhorse? The breakout kid? All of these questions have to be considered before the choice is made.

The eight teams faced with this conundrum are the Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, and Tampa Bay Lightning. With no word from any of these clubs on who will lead the team in 2013-14, we give our predictions.