Martin St. Pierre Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Martin St. Pierre #47 Chicago Blackhawks (Picture Courtesy of Blackhawks.NHL.Com)

#47-No Current Chicago Blackhawks is assigned jersey #47 for the upcoming season.

Former #47 in Blackhawks History

1. Adam Bennett-1992-1993  Bennett played 21 career games without a goal and grabbing 2 assists.  There are multiple reasons that the Blackhawks failed miserably in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but part of it was missing on draft picks. Bennett was the 6th selection of the 1989 draft and he was an Epic Fail.

2. Lasse Kukkonen-2003 Kukkonen had two stints with the Blackhawks in his first wearing #47 in 2003 he played 10 games and collected 1 assist. After a year in Toronto he played 54 games for the Blackhawks in the 2005-2006 season wearing  jersey #6 scoring 5 goals and 9 assists.

3. Martin St. Pierre– Pierre played in 21 games during three seasons with the Blackhawks and he scored 1 goal and 3 assists during his tenure wearing #47.

4. Evan Brophey– 1 career game and didn’t pick up an outcome during his play with the Blackhawks.

47th All-Time In Points In Blackhawks History- Gus Bodnar, Bodnar played 399 career games for the Blackhawks from 1947-1954 scoring 87 goals and 142 assists.

Only 47 days until Stanley Cup Banner #5 heads up to the United Center rafters!!

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