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Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Poulin Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Patrick Poulin #44 Chicago Blackhawks (picture courtesy

#44- There are no current Blackhawks assigned jersey #44.

Former #44

1. Rik Wilson-1988 Wilson played 14 games in 88 scoring 4 goals and 5 assists.  He would never play in the NHL again.

2. Jari Torkki-1989 Torkki played 4 career games with one career goal which was his only NHL point.

3. Mike Peluso-1990-1992  Peluso holds records for the Blackhawks in penalty minutes for a season. One of three players to ever crack 400 penalty minutes in a season. Peluso played 108 games scoring 12 goals and 4 assists in his Blackhawks career.

4. Rob Brown-1993 Brown played 40 career games with the Hawks scoring 6 goals and 17 assists before departing to the Dallas Stars.

5. Patrick Poulin-1993-1995 Poulin played 141 career games with the Blackhawks scoring 34 career goals and 36 assists while wearing #44 for Chicago. Poulin played 634 career games in the NHL scoring 101 goals and 134 assists.

6. Christian LaFlamme-1997 this #44 didn’t score any goals with Chicago but collected 12 assists in 76 career games with the Blackhawks.

7. Josef Marha-1999 Marha played in 118 contest wearing the Blackhawks sweater grabbing 12 goals and 20 assists as his NHL career came to an end with the Blackhawks.

8. Bryan McCabe-2000 McCabe played one full season with the Hawks scoring 6 goals and 19 assists.

9. Aaron Downey-2001 Downy suited up 39 times and ended with 1 point and that was a goal during his Chicago Blackhawks tenure.

10. Burke Henry-2002-2004 Henry played his entire 47 NHL game career with the Blackhawks and finshed with 2 goals and 6 assists.

11. Danny Richmond 2005-2008 Richmond played 39 career games with the Blackhawks without scoring a goal while throwing in 2 assists.

What is your favorite #44?

Look for our daily post counting down the days until Banner #5 gets raised to the United Center rafters! Only 44 days left.