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Shawn Lalonde Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Shawn Lalonde #42 Chicago Blackhawks (Picture Courtesy of

#42- There are no current Chicago Blackhawks wearing jersey #42 although there are quite a few #42’s in the past.

Former #42

1. Warren Rychel-1989 Rychel only played 2 games with the Blackhawks without hitting the scoresheet while his NHL career lasted 406 games with 38 goals and 39 assists over 9 seasons.

2. Ryan McGill-1991 McGill broke into the NHL with the Hawks playing 9 games with 2 assists. His career lasted 151 games with 4 goals and 15 assists with four different franchises.

3. Rick Lanz-1992 Lanz 569 NHL game career ended with one appearance with the Blackhawks.  His totals concluded with 65 goals and 221 assists.

4. Jeff Jackson-1992 It was bad news to get moved to the Hawks in 1992 and be assigned #42 it meant one more career game no points and the end of your NHL career. Jackson’s totals were 263 games 38 goals and 48 assists.

5. Rob Conn-1992 Conn got into 2 games in 1992 wearing #42 without a point.

6. Steve Bancroft-1993 Bancroft played in one game with the Blackhawks without a point, while he got one more crack in the NHL almost a decade later seeing action in 5 games with the San Jose Sharks and grabbing an assist his lone career point.

7. Steve Poapst-2000 Poapst also wore #8 during his four seasons with the Blackhawks. He played 220 games for Chicago scoring 7 goals 23 assists and +8 rating.

8. Jon Klemm 2002-2004 Klemm scored 6 goals during his tenure with the Hawks while adding 31 assists. Klemm’s NHL career lasted 773 games with 42 goals and 100 assists.

9. Michal Barinka-2004-2006 Barinka played 34 games with the Blackhawks grabbing 2 assists. Barinka was last seen playing pro hockey in Sweden in 2012.

10. Jordan Hendry-2008 Hendry wore #6 during the 2010 Stanley Cup season and playoffs.  Hendry’s Blackhawks career lasted 129 games in which he scored 4 goals and 9 assists. Hendry didn’t record a point in 15 games played during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. He played in 2 games with the Anaheim Ducks in 2013.

11. Shawn Lalonde– 2013 Lalonde NHL career lasted one game in the season finale against the St. Louis Blues. He didn’t get a point, but he did finish with a +1. Lalonde a third round pick in 2008 decided to head to Germany to play in the 2013-2014 season.

Only 42 days until Stanley Cup Banner gets raised to the United Center rafters!

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