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The Stanley Cup Summer, Jonathan Toews

By JoHannah Lowder

Spending a day with the Stanley Cup doesn’t happen too often – unless you happen to be playing for the Chicago Blackhawks for the past 4 seasons. Even then, there are no guarantees about the future, so every day with the Cup is a party. Some are the busy get-no-sleep-for-24-hours kind of parties while others are the slower and more relaxing kind, and the 2013 Blackhawks are giving Lord Stanley’s Cup a taste of it all this summer. Since future Blackhawks Stanley Cup parties haven’t yet been penned in future calendars, let’s appreciate and review some of the highlights with the Blackhawks captain, Jonathan Toews.

Toews was fortunate enough to have two days with the Cup all to himself over the summer. What would he do with it? Take it slow. Spending small chunks of time at a bunch of different places has a tendency to make time seem to go by faster and leave memories a bit blurred, so Toews broke up his first day into 5 chunks that all involved a lot of hoisting. First, he took the Cup from the airport in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to a tire store (…O-kay) and spent a couple of hours meeting and talking with people in the community and from hundreds of miles, er, kilometers, away.

His next stop was at a children’s hospital where nobody knows who made the kids happier, Toews or the Cup. But it doesn’t really matter. From there, Toews took the Cup to the Jonathan Toews Community Centre where they both posed for photos with fans. After spending a majority of the day giving back to his childhood community, he relaxed for a nice dinner with family – and then invited a few hundred friends over for a party.

What happened on Saturday, Toews’ second day with the Cup, is a mystery. We assume he stuck to his “take it slow, enjoy the moment” philosophy, but then this happened:

That’s what happens with social media these days. With one photo, the Keeper of the Cup altered Toews’ maturing, slow-it-down image and made him look fun – cool, even. Just like we all suspected. Captain Cool, anyone? Yeah, that won’t catch on.

Whatever Toews did on Day Two was well-deserved, and hopefully long enough for him to soak it all in. How soon do you think he’ll get a Day 3?

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