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Five Things About Hockey That Need To Be Changed

By Skylar Peters
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  • #4: Get ESPN Back In Good Graces

ESPN is the sport’s fans go-to source for highlights, information, and analysis. They cover all the major sports, but the train seems to stop when it comes to hockey. On Sportscenter, you will find lots of football, basketball, and baseball talk, but not much hockey. For a country that has 23 of the league’s 30 teams, it is disappointing for hockey fans. Even the NHL’s teams take note; the San Jose Sharks sent this retort back to the ESPN twitter account after they tried a stab at some hockey humor:

— San Jose Sharks (@SanJoseSharks) July 12, 2013

Luckily fans can get their fix on the NHL network, a channel that shows nothing but hockey. However, the problem isn’t fixed. Hockey could gain much more interest if it made it on to ESPN’s programming, and it could become just as popular as it is here north of the border. In Canada, TSN (our ESPN) forgoes analysis, and manages to highlight all four of the major sports in a one-hour episode. With a good balance of programming, everyone gets what they want, and the channel finds it’s way on to most families’ televisions at least once a day.