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Grading the 2014 U.S. & Russian Olympic Hockey Jerseys

By Skylar Peters
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The somewhat-retro sweaters that the United States took silver in four years ago have made way for an all-new, modern design, also dropping the alternate sweater. The away and home designs now share less similarity, but remain with a blue home, and a white road, both with red accents. Both jerseys have a flush neckline, and shoulders that are spotted with glossy stars, as well as a fake neck string below the bottom of the collar. Both of these design points are blue, same as the shoulder cap colour behind them, so they are a minimalistic addition. The crest is transferred off the 2010 alternate sweater, and is a 30’s style bell-shaped shield, which holds the “USA” shaped letters, as well as 13 red and white stripes, same as the national flag.

On the away jersey, the bottom three-quarters is white, following by a red stripe across the entire sweater with the white Nike swoosh, and blue shoulder caps. The three-tier design is similar to the 2010 sweater worn by European countries such as the Czech Republic. The home jerseys are a little more familiar, solid navy blue with red and blue bands on the arms. Again, the Nike swoosh is white.

Rating: 7/10

At first glance, I was disappointed by the States’ effort in the sweater. The contemporary look is quite a change from the vintage-influenced sweaters they wore in Vancouver. However, it grew on me as I wrote the article, and it is a fine fresh look for the USA. The European-style away jersey is very sharp, and the full red stripe gives the crest a bit more pop than it would have without. The home sweater is a traditional design, leave the shoulder design. I am not a fan of the fake lacing (should be real, and white) and the stars are so hard to notice that they do not affect the overall design. In a move that many NHL clubs have done, the States decided to have a different design for each jersey, something I personally am a fan of. Head Over To Page Four To Voice Your Opinion!