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Grading the 2014 U.S. & Russian Olympic Hockey Jerseys

By Skylar Peters
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Russia underwent a dramatic change in their newest sweater re-design. The Washington Capitals-esque sweaters are a thing of the past, replaced by a modern home and away, both with their own unique design. The fake laces find themselves on both jerseys once again, blending into the shoulder cap colour just as the United States’. The Nike swoosh is once again white, both against dark red. Both designs also sport a small strip on the bottom of the torso, colored in the least-prominent shade of the Russian red, white, and blue on each seperate jersey (blue on away, white on home.)

The similarities stop there, and these two dynamic jerseys showcase unique features. The home jersey feels much more grounded, with a modern design similar to the United States’ blue sweaters. The blue shoulder caps contrast with the darker red on the torso and arms, and the gold detail in the logo is easy to make out against the background. The high placement of the white and blue stipes on the arms keeps the contemporary look, and the tiny white strip on the elbow is a unique design point. The lettering is placed lower than conventional sweaters, but is bordered with the white stripe on the torso.

The away jersey may look strikingly similar to a few long-time hockey fans; it shares a lot of resemblance with the 1972 Canadian sweaters. The white-on-red look doesn’t clash, and offers good detail. The small shield at the top retains tradition from past Russian jerseys, and the partial wrap-around on the cuff is another unique point found in the sweaters of European clubs. The blue stripe on the bottom offers small accent, and helps bring out the lettering. The outline of wings on the shoulder caps is another feature previously found on Russian jerseys, albiet in a new position.

Rating: 8.5/10
The home jersey is a knockout, and is the main reason the uniforms got such a high rating. The modern design is consistent throughout, and the small details such as the white elbow strip and lower lettering fit everything in without feeling cluttered. They took a plunge with the away design, but It came out great. The resemblance to the Canadian jersey of the past is striking, but it still features modern design points. The wings look better than the American stars, as they have been implemented before. Many fans may call it soccer-like, and it was possibly influenced by the sport, but it is a new take, and could start a revolution in jersey design. I am still not a fan of the lacing, but overall these are two sharp jerseys. Unless Canada knocks one out of the park, they may go home with the best uniform set of any country. Head Over To Page Four To Voice Your Opinion!