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Will The Keep The Red Out Epidemic Keep Spreading?

By Sean Fitzgerald

Jun 28, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; (Editor

Last season the Blackhawks were 18-4-2 on the road per  Opposing teams are starting to take notice of how well the Blackhawks play on the road.  Jonathan Toews commented on how well the Blackhawks fans traveled last season “Almost half the building is Hawks fans, so it’s pretty exciting to hear ‘Go Hawks Go’ chant on the road” (www. Toews made the comment after a game in Anaheim.

The Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues organizations have taken action and not on the ice. If you want to watch the defending Stanley Cup Champions play the Nashville Predators, you have to buy tickets for additional game if you want to see the Blackhawks play in Nashville. Nashville is hoping this will deter Blackhawks fans from “invading” their building. They also are only allowing zip codes in Nashville to be involved in the presale. The Nashville Predators want Blackhawks fan to earn it and help Nashville build a Stanley Cup contender.

The St. Louis Blues have taken a similar tact. When their regular season tickets went on sale, fans could buy either: season tickets, half season tickets, a 12 game plan, or a hat trick package.  The Chief operating officer of the St. Louis Blues, Bruce Affleck stated “‘Basically we see too many red jerseys,’ referring to the color of the Blackhawks and Red wings” (

The Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues are upset that there are a significant number of Blackhawks fans at their home games thus taking away their home ice advantage. News flash to Nashville and St. Louis, their fans knows when single game tickets go on sale just like Blackhawks fans. If they are not fast enough to buy them before Blackhawks fans, that is their own fault.

If I lived in Nashville and St. Louis, I would buy their two or three games package.  Assuming I am a fan, I would sell the Blackhawks tickets on Stub Hub for double or even triple the face value. I would then attend the other required games in the package.  The Predators and Blues organizations cannot stop fans from selling their tickets on third party sites. Blackhawks fan will pay the extra money on the third party sites; they pay the extra money to attend games at the United Center. If people are going to take trip, a little extra money is not a big enough of deterrent to keep Blackhawks fans out.

Here is another revelation for the Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues organization. It shouldn’t matter how many opposing teams fans are in your building, the better team should win. The Blackhawks last season were the better team. The Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues should worry more about their teams on the ice as opposed to who is filling their stands.

It could be worse for Nashville and St. Louis; they could have the Phoenix Coyotes ticketing issues.