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Chicago Blackhawks: Tony Horacek Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Tony Horacek #34 Chicago Blackhawks (picture courtesy of

#34-Dylan Olsen is the current player assigned jersey #34.  By all the signings it looks like it will be another season in Rockford for Olsen.

Former #34’s

1. Tony Poeta-1952 Poeta played in one NHL game without recording a point.

2. Billy Gardner-1981-1987 Gardner also wore #14. The Blackhawks 3rd round pick in 1979 played in 355 games with the Hawks scoring 72 goals and 108 assists.

3. Perry Pelensky-1984 Pelensky played in 4 games without a point.

4. Victor Posa-1986 Posa played in two contests wearing #34 with hitting the scoresheet.

5. Tony Horacek-1992-1994-Horacek played in 41 games with the Hawks picking up a goal and 5 assists before exiting the NHL forever.

6. Ryan VandenBussche-1998-2004 VandenBusshe wore a bunch of numbers for the Hawks but it started with #34, His totals in Chicago were 279 games with 7 goals and 11 assists.

7. Blair Atcheynum-2000 63 games with the Hawks picking up 6 goals and 9 assists.

8. Jason Strudwick 2002-2004 Strudwick played 102 games with Chicago scoring 3 goals and 6 assists. Strudwick played 642 NHL games picking up 13 goals 42 assists.

9. Jim Dowd-2006 Chicago was just a 60 game pit stop in a 728 game NHL career.  Dowd picked up 3 goals and 12 assists in a Blackhawks jersey.

10. Reed Low-2007 Low played his last 6 games of his 256 NHL game career with the Hawks without a point.

11. Nikita Alexeev-2007 15 games with the Hawks with 2 goals and no assists.

12. Petri Kontiola-2008 Kontiola played in 12 games in the NHL all with the Blackhawks picking up 5 career assists!

What is your favorite #34?

Only 34 days until the Blackhawks raise another Stanley Cup banner to the United Center rafters!