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A 6-Pack Of The Worst NHL Jerseys Ever

By Keith Schultz
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There has been a lot of talk recently of the ESPN listing of the best uniforms in all of sports.  The NHL list of course seemed a little out of wack with the Blackhawks finishing 8th behind of all teams the Pittsburgh Penguins.  If you ask me all the original 6 teams have great uniforms and there could easily be a 6 way tie for first.

Ranking the best jerseys are nice, but I think taking a look back at ugly uniforms is a lot more fun, so here is a six-pack of NHL jerseys that are my worst of all-time.

6. Los Angeles Kings

Early 1980’s Los Angeles Kings Jerseys (Picture courtesy of

Before Wayne Gretzky made it to town, and the Kings went with the Black and silver look the Kings wore these beauties in the early 80’s.  The best player to wear the LA Lakers on skates uniforms was Marcel Dionne who scored 731 goals in his NHL career with most of them being in LA during his tenure from 1975-1987.  These uniforms were pretty bad, but probably because of the similarity to the Lakers.

5. Retro Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens retro uniforms (Picture Courtesy of

Most of the time I really like the retro jerseys in small doses.  Granted the only reason teams roll these out is for a cash grab as fans by another jersey for their collection.  This jersey is plain ugly and is what I imagine inmates wear in Canadian prison.  I believe they were created for disorienting the opposition.

4. New York Islanders

New York Islanders Gorton’s Fisherman Logo (Picture Courtesy of

The Islanders 1980’s jerseys that they won the Stanley Cup wearing were classics with the right combination of colors, but from 1995-1997 the Islanders went to the Gorton’s Fisherman logo.  Teams try something new and succeed like the black and white Kings uniforms, but the Islanders missed badly with everyone thinking fish sticks.  Thankfully like Coca-Classic the Islanders went back to their original uniforms which are very good.

3. Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Coyotes Alternate Jersey (Picture Courtesy of

Let’s be honest I’m not a fan of any of the Phoenix Coyotes jerseys throughout the years including the current version, but this alternate jersey is brutal.  Alternate jerseys like retro jersey are only thrown out for extra clothing revenue.  There is nothing worse than going to watch your favorite team and they come out in the alternate jersey especially if you haven’t seen them play live for a while.  The Coyotes wore this jersey in the desert in 1998.