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A 6-Pack Of The Worst NHL Jerseys Ever

By Keith Schultz
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2. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canuck 1980 jersey (picture courtesy of

Part of the reason to hate this jersey is that well it’s the Vancouver Canucks. Secondly, the Hawks made it to the Conference Finals in 1982 before the Edmonton Oilers became the juggernaut of the 1980’s, but they faced the Canucks wearing this jersey and lost 4-1 to miss out on a chance to play for the Stanley Cup.  Lastly, this jersey is hideous! Of all the uniforms of my youth this is the one I couldn’t stand the most for its obvious reasons.

The Canucks tried a different logo with the same team colors before changing to their present day jersey and colors, but either way the current jersey is better but not that great either.  It’s the Canucks and in their history is this terrible jersey.

1. Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators Gold Jersey (Picture Courtesy of

Yes, I probably think the Vancouver 80’s jersey is the worst, but we don’t have to look at it year in and year out.  The Predators jersey is in our division and when they wear this awful jersey you either don’t change the settings on your TV or you do because of the brightness of the Gold.

Another reason to vote it #1 is for starting the Keep the Red out program, instead it should be Change from the Gold jerseys forever.  You know the jersey is bad when there are fan polls by Predators fan sites asking if it’s time for a new jersey.

Lastly, this summer they decided to do this to their ice.

Bridgestone Arena with golden ice (picture courtesy of

Sure it was just for fun this summer, but what if the feedback was so great in “Smashville” that the Predators petition the NHL to have this ice color for the 2014-2015 season?

Maybe I just don’t like gold in jerseys, but the Kings and Predators make my list of worst NHL jerseys ever.  What’s jersey is at the top of your list of worst ever? This of course was just for fun and a way to look back at some past and present hockey history during the dog days of summer.

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