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Jim Vandermeer Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Jim Vandermeer #23 Chicago Blackhawks (picture courtesy of

There are no current Chicago Blackhawks currently assigned #23, but there are quite a few former #23’s

Former 23’s

1. Paul Shmyr-1969-1971 Shymyr played 84 games with the Hawks scoring 8 goals and 37 assists to kick off his 343 NHL game career.

2. Christian Bordeleau-1973 Bordeleau played 23 games for Chicago picking up 6 goals and 8 assists.

3. Doug Crossman-1974-1975 Crossman played the first 159 games of his 914 NHL game career with the Hawks. During his stay he collected 25 goals and 70 assists.

4. Behn Wilson-1984-1988 Wilson was a member of the Blackhawks for the final 4 seasons of his 601 game NHL career. With Chicago he scored 39 goals 105 assists.

5. Wayne Van Dorp 1989-1990 Van Dorp played 70 games with Chicago, he scored 7 goals and 4 assist during his stay.

6. Stu Grimson 1991-1993 Grimson was a 10th round draft pick by the Detroit Red Wings that carved out a career with over 2,100 minutes in penalties.  While with the Hawks he scored 4 goals 5 assists and 400 penalty minutes.

7. Neil Wilkinson-1994 Wilkinson laced it up for the Hawks for one season scoring 3 goals and 9 assists.

8. Daniel Gauthier-1995 Gauthier only saw 5 games of NHL action all with the Blackhawks, His only stat is 5 shots on goal.

9. Michael Prokopec-1996-1997 Prokopec was a 7th round pick in 1992, he only saw 15 games of NHL action all in Chicago with no points and a career -5.

10. Joe Reekie-2002 Reekie played his last 17 games of his 902 NHL game career with Chicago. He had 2 assists with the Hawks to finish off his career.

11. Jim Vandermeer-2004-2008 Vandermeer played 171 times wearing #23 for the Blackhawks. During his tenure he scored 11 goals and 41 assists in Chicago.

12. Aaron Johnson-2009 Johnson played one season with the Blackhawks putting 3 pucks into the back of the new with five assists.

13. Jeff Taffe-2011 Taffe dressed once for the Blackhawks with an appearance on the scoresheet.

Only 23 days until another Stanley Cup Banner heads to the rafters!!