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Alex Zhamnov Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

The number 13 is considered by most people very unlucky, and almost every player to ever play for the Blackhawks have avoided the number.  The last two players to ever wear the number were unlucky in different ways.  One for how the fans would always look at him, and the other by the actions of his own.

Former #13’s

1. Nick Wasnie-1928 Wasnie played in 16 games for the very early Blackhawks.  Wasnie scored 1 goal and collected 22 penalty minutes during his short stay with the Blackhawks.

2. Alex Zhamnov-1996-2004 Zhamnov never really had a chance when he was brought to Chicago in exchange for Jeremy Roenick.  Zhamnov had a pretty productive 8 seasons with the Blackhawks appearing in 528 games during his 8 year stay in Chicago and during that time he scored 140 goals and 284 assists.  These are ok numbers but they could never match fan favorite’s J.R. numbers or replace J.R. Zhamnov never made an all-star team and really ushered in the dark ages of Blackhawks hockey.  The best part of Zhamnov is his trade from Chicago gave the Blackhawks the draft rights to Bryan Bickell.

3. Daniel Carcillo-2011-2013 The Carbomb in the era of IN STAN WE TRUST has to be the most head scratching signing since 2009.  Yes the current regime likes having a tough guy on the roster (see Brandon Bollig) but Carcillo was just a ticking time bomb that didn’t really fit in anywhere. Carcillo was injured in his first season by his own doing, and luckily his second injury opened the door for Brandon Saad to play on the top line in 2013.  Carcillo totals were only 51 games 4 goals 10 assists and 93 penalty minutes.

Who is your favorite 13?