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LEAKED: Team Canada Olympic Hockey Jerseys Revealed

By Skylar Peters

With USA Hockey and the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia releasing their respective Olympic sweaters earlier in the month, all eyes have turned to Canada as they are yet to reveal theirs. With still no official word from Hockey Canada, a picture was leaked onto the internet this week, with both the home and away sweaters, as well as the alternate.

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The grainy,cell-phone image clearly shows a new Team Canada jersey, made by Nike, who is manufacturing all sweaters for the 2014 Olympics. Team Canada had to really knock one out of the park to beat the jerseys they wore at home in Vancouver, with many calling them the greatest Olympic jersey of all time. The maple leaf is still the crest, but this time is bordered by a stripe leaf-height all the way across the torso. The stem under the leaf is replaced with the ‘Canada’ letering. The only design difference between the Home and Away jerseys is the fill behind the lettering, which extends all the way across on the whites, only going half-way on the middle. The Alternate jersey sports the feel of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Winter Classic jerseys, with the ‘Canada’ lettering being the main point of focus here. The red band behind the letters is outlined with gold, and it goes all the way across the sweater to the arm-band as well. On the home and away sweaters, the arm-band is only 50% of the full 360 degrees, and sports the full Canada flag on the home, which is visible in the picture above.

It doesn’t take a design expert to see what Nike went for with these sweaters, which is creating the feel of the Canadian flag. Not only is the color division of the flag re-created across the torso horizontally, located on the stripe, but it is done throughout the whole sweater vertically as well, with the three-tiered jersey bearing resemblance to the symbol. Overall, the Away jersey is the most desirable of the three, but many have already said they are not attractive. They took away the detail of the crest on the 2010 jersey, and what is left looks like a jersey designed by a group of Grade Fours. Many Canadians have made a connection with the Canadian gas company Petro-Canada, demonstrated here by Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews:

Petro-Canada, Canadian gasoline bar, looks to sponsor the 2014 Olympic Jerseys.

If you don’t like these uniforms, hold out hope: these are only leaked photos, and may not be the real deal.

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