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Keith Brown Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

Keith Brown Chicago Blackhawks #4 (Picture Courtesy of

Niklas Hjalmarsson is the current #4 on the Blackhawks roster, and after signing an extension it looks like the current #4 will be with the Blackhawks for quite sometime. Hjalmarsson has two Stanley Cups on his resume, and looked like he was possibly on his way to the San Jose Sharks after the first Cup, but Stan Bowman had other ideas in place. Hjlamarsson has played in 306 games for the Blackhawks scoring 9 goals and 47 assists, but his real worth to the Hawks has been his shot blocking and defense which was better than ever in 2013.

Former #4’s in Blackhawks history

1. Bill Gadsby-1946-1955 Gadsby played 9 seasons for the Hawks scoring 54 times with 136 assists.

2. Allan Stanley-1955-1956 Stanley scored 14 goals and 29 assists in 111 games played for Chicago

3. Moose Vasko-1959-1966 Vasko played in 641 games during 10 seasons with the Blackhawks. Vasko scored 32 goals and 153 assists. Vasko picked up a goal and an assist during the 1961 Stanley Cup run.

4. Tom Reid-1968-1969 Reid played the first 86 games of his NHL career with the Blackhawks picking up 7 assists before being traded to the Minnesota North Stars.

5. Doug Jarrett-1970-1975 Jarrett also wore #20, during his career with the Blackhawks he scored 38 times with 178 assists in 721 games played.

6. Dave Logan-1975-1980 Logan also wore 14 and 2 throughout his Blackhawks tenure, during his time with the Blackhawks he scored 4 goals and 24 assists.

7. Bobby Orr-1977-1979 The legendary Orr played in 26 games for Chicago, during his time in Chicago he scored 6 goals and 21 assists. His career totals are 657 games 270 goals and 645 assists.

8. Keith Brown-1980-1993 Brown was 7th overall selection in the 1979 NHL draft by Chicago and he is in Top 5 of most Blackhawks Defensive Categories. Brown played in 812 games for Chicago scoring 64 times and adding 266 assists.

9. Keith Carney 1994-1998 Carney appeared in 271 games for the Blackhawks scoring 14 goals and 37 assists before taking his talents to Phoenix.

10. Doug Zmolek-1999-2000 Zmolek finished his NHL career with 105 games in Chicago, During his last stop he scored 2 goals and 21 assists.

11. Chris McAlpine-2001-2002 McAlpine played in 90 games picking up 9 assists in Chicago.

12. Sami Helenius-2003 Helenius wore #4 10 times for the Hawks and he picked up 1 assists during his short stop.

13. Bryan Berard-2004 Berard appeared in 55 contests for the Blackhawks putting 12 pucks into the back of the net and adding 23 assists to his career totals during his Chicago stay.

Who is your favorite #4 in Blackhawks history?

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