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Fan Poll: Should The NHL Get Rid Of Fighting?

By Keith Schultz

Sep 28, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Washington Capitals defenseman Michal Cajkovski (47) and Chicago Blackhawks left wing

Brandon Bollig

(52) fight during the first period at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The new hot topic the first week of the season has been fighting.  Every sport has its unwritten rules and role guys, and in hockey from the beginning of times there has been fighting and enforcers.  In todays hockey people will point to the Olympics where there are not fights as the reason to outlaw fighting from the NHL.

On opening night a scary moment happened but it wasn’t because of a punch thrown, Toronto Maple Leafs

Colton Orr

squared off against Montreal Canadiens

George Parros

and it ended with Parros ending up on stretcher and out indefinitely with a concussion.

The NHL and all sports organizations are afraid of one word right now and that is concussions! They even have legislated no taking off head-gear to hopefully prevent hockey fights, but the Parros injury was a complete accident after both guys fought earlier in the contest to a pretty ugly fight err wrestling match.

Back in the day there were fights every night, and if you listen to some calls by Pat Foley you would think he was a boxing announcer not a hockey announcer.

There are rules like everyone knew Raffi Torres would have to fight someone on the Hawks after knocking out

Marian Hossa

from the playoffs.  The current Hawks team has Brandon Bollig as the enforcer, and if he plays like he did opening night I’m fine with him on the ice, but when he’s just looking to drop the gloves that type of attitude doesn’t fit in with the current Blackhawks philosophy.

If you ask me fighting should always be in the game, it’s exciting and when it isn’t staged, and it is part of the fabric of the greatest game to ever watch in person.  It’s 2013 so you never know what will happen when everyone is afraid of lawsuits from injuries!

Here are a couple Tweets about the topic today from the Blackhawks players.

Today’s question is Will Fighting ever be Outlawed? Let us know what you think in the comment section and Thanks for voting in our poll.

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