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Top 5: Offseason Departures That Will Hurt The ‘Hawks

By Phil Bausk
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 4. Viktor Stalberg

Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the amount of skilled skaters on the roster the departure of Stalberg will not hurt the Blackhawks as much as one may think. There is no doubt that in his time with the team, Stalberg has shown that he can create scoring opportunities for both himself and his teammates. However, at least in the short term, this team has shown that they are successful without Stalberg’s speed on the ice and the roster is deep with players that share some of the same attributes that he does. I do think Stallberg has potential to be a 25-30 goal scorer in this league and in a few years it can come back to bite the team, but until then, I don’t see Stalberg’s departure as a major obstacle in the team’s quest to repeat.