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Top 5: Offseason Departures That Will Hurt The ‘Hawks

By Phil Bausk
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2. Dave Bolland

Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

This is already a weird sight for me. Dave Bolland in a Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey?!?!?! Please excuse me while I go get the pieces of my brain that are scattered throughout my uptown apartment (it’s a lot less fancy than it sounds). Bolland was part of the heart and soul of the first Stanley Cup run, and though he wasn’t at his same previous level, filled in at key times during the second championship run with a late goal here or there. It may have been time for him to go though as the injuries and ice time has piled up and I am all for a man making some extra change. As a stereotypical American, my only real question for Bolland is how long before he misses being in America and comes back to finish his career with the Blackhawks at a solid $11 an hour., for cap purposes.