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Blackhawks’ Quotes Of The Week

By Joe Kremel

Thousands of fans celebrate the Hawks Cup run, and the players take notice. photo by USA Today

One of the great things about hockey players is that they rarely seem conceited.  Most of the players are humble, down to earth guys.  If you happened to meet one of these guys in a bar, you may never even know they were famous athletes.  Sometimes, it’s a player’s bond with his teammates.  Sometimes, it’s just their struggles with mastering English.  So, when interviewed, it happens now and then that a hockey player will give us a different kind of quote, and those special ones are what endears the players to us that much more.

 #2 Quote Of The WeekPatrick Sharp on getting older in the NHL.  Sharp feels he’s in his prime at this point of his career. One of the questions asked led to this response.

"“Come on, I’m not that old; I’m not Marian Hossa-old”"

It’s good to see the players getting along well enough to crack jokes and poke fun at each other while maintaining an almost brotherly relationship.  Sharp goes on to talk about fitness, but it’s the fun and camaraderie that goes on behind the scenes that attract fans.  The quote reminds me a lot of the Mario Kart battles back in the 2010 cup run; everyone was having fun while bonding over some friendly competition.

#1 Quote Of The Week: Marian Hossa on the banner raising ceremony.

"“It was amazing.  So much light in the stands.  To stand on the ice and look at 20-something-thousand people just celebrating.  It’s going to stay in my heart for the memories.”"

The appreciation in that quote is what makes it special.  At one point, Hossa was dubbed a mercenary, a man who only cared about winning a cup, not having any allegiance.  And yet here he is.  He signs a long term contract, wins not one but two cups, and clearly appreciates Chicago and its fans.  He achieved multiple career milestones last year, including winning a second cup and hitting the 1,000 game plateau, and yet here he is, awed by the support of the fans.