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Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton Vs St Louis Blues

By Keith Schultz

Bryan Bickell Milk Carton (Photoshop by Joe Kremel)

When a player or coach doesn’t really show up during a Blackhawks game, they get put on the Milk Carton. As most of you know, people’s pictures used to be put at the back of milk cartons when they went missing. So the Milk Carton for the Blackhawks is more about who went missing or played terribly during the game

Last Night’s Stat Line

Time On The Ice-17:09



+/- 0




The Player-Bryan Bickell

Summary- This honor goes to Bickell after a 7 game sample size that usually ends with a goose eggs! This is the biggest fear most Chicago Blackhawks fans had when Bickell signed a $4 million dollar a year contract this offseason, the 2011 Bickell has shown up instead of the elite power forward that he played like in the playoffs to help lead the Blackhawks to the Stanley Cup.

A high-priced power forward through 7 games should have more than 1 assists and 13 hits on his season’s resume (He trails Andrew Shaw by 10 hits).  Bickell is paid to hit and help put pucks in the back of the net and neither of these things are happening.  Last night he showed some promise with 4 hits, but he still has a -1 rating on the season and it shows on the scoreboard with what usually is a high-powered offense struggling to score more than 2 goals a night.

Bickell was the NHL’s biggest bargain last season making $500,000 a season, but if this keeps up he will be one of the most expensive busts of the year.  Bickell still has time to prove he’s worth the money the Blackhawks gave him and show he can become a consistent power forward, but he can’t continue to put nothing on the scoresheet night in and night out!

Who was your Milk Carton nominee?

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