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Ranking The 3 Tampa Lightning Stadiums From A Blackhawks Fan Point Of View

By Keith Schultz
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Thunderdome (picture courtesy of

1. Thunderdome (Tropicana Field)

The stadium was originally called the Suncoast Dome, but then they wisely decided after the Lightning arrived to rename it the Thunderdome! Yes, it was made for baseball and poorly made for baseball at that, but the best part of the Thunderdome was the endless amount of dirt cheap tickets you could purchase to watch NHL hockey by the Bay which is huge for a college student no matter what era.

I watched many different sports at the Thunderdome from a Chicago Bulls preseason game featuring Michael Jordan, DePaul Blue Demons college double-header, Chicago White Sox easily winning, but the best thing to watch at the Dome was NHL hockey especially when the Blackhawks were the opponent.

It wasn’t a hard drive to the Stadium, plenty of parking, and plenty of empty seats to watch your favorite team play on a nightly basis sure it is probably a dump, but it was the THUNDERDOME!!

I know I’m not the only Blackhawks fan to see them play in all three Tampa Stadiums, but since I’m in a pretty small group this is my list of Tampa Stadiums!

Have you been to a game in any of these Tampa Stadiums? Which one was your favorite?

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