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GIF: Chicago Blackhawks Highlights From Thursday Night

By Joe Kremel

Shaw tips in a Patrick Kane snapshot on the PP. GIF by Joe Kremel of

The Chicago Blackhawks played with all of our emotions that they can in an October game in Tampa Thursday Night!  It was a fun, exciting game to watch that also was filled with some frustrating moments.  Here are some of the best GIF’s from last night’s 6-5 loss in overtime.

Hossa tips in a Patrick Sharp shot on goal. GIF by Joe Kremel of

Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane both showed why they are two of the best offensive players in the NHL with some great skill plays to get the game tied up in the second period.

Patrick Kane scores on the breakaway. GIF by Joe Kremel of

It looked like it was going to be a pointless night for the Hawks late in the third until this strange goal happened thanks to the Tampa Lightning players themselves!

The Hawks got screwed over on a goalie interference call, and this seems to be Karma. Thanks Hockey Gods! GIF by Joe Kremel of

Which GIF is your favorite from last night?

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