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The UGLIEST Chicago Blackhawks !

By Sean Fitzgerald

With Halloween upon us, decided to give you a little trick or is it a treat? On Halloween people usually wear ugly looking costumes and masks.   These Blackhawks players could not change their ugly looking faces and play.The term ugliest to describe the ugliest in terms of appearance and  in terms of play. Ladies and Gentleman here are the TOP 5 UGLIEST Blackhawks:

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1. Nick Boynton: He was a bad player to go along with his scary looks. Boynton came to the Blackhawks via trade in 2009-10. He was on the ice when Patrick Kane scored the game winning goal in Philadelphia.  That was the only highlight of Boynton tenture with the Blackhawks. Boynton would hurt the team with his play and injure Marian Hossa. He would be placed on waivers in 2010-11. He was claimed by the Flyers.

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2. Theoren Fleury: At the height of Bill Wirtz reign, they went out and signed Theo Fleury. Fleury’s time with the Blackhawks was filled with drunken brawls and two long suspensions. Fluery battled alcohol and drug addictions his whole career. He is considered the biggest bust in Blackhawks history.

Bob Probert : Bob Probert was a Blackhawk from 1993-94 to 2000-01. He was engimatic. He would be feared on the ice, but he could be very kind to young fans. He was one half of the Bruise Brothers in Detroit. Probert would finish with 3,300 penalty minutes, that is good for fourth all time. Probert would face legal and substance abuse problems during his playing career. He sadly died at the age of 45. We honor him with this video.

4. Daniel Carcillo: Dan Carcillo also known as car bomb went from hated enemy to cult hero. Carcillo would be injured for most of his time in Chicago.  Carcillo was is a very ugly man, but he is respobilbe for one of the “prettiest” moments. Carcillo extend the streak against the Colorado Avalanche.

5.  John Scott: Scott rounds out the top 5 ugliest Blackhawks. Scott is an ugly in appearance but also in his place. In 29 games, Scott record one assist with the Blackhawks. He has been involved in one preseason brawl. He is currently serving a 10 game suspension for his cheap shot on Loui Eriksson. John Scott in 187 games has five points. John Scott so ugly and dirty, we will not put a picture or video of him up in a Blackhawks uniform

Honorable mention: Adam Burish

These are my picks for the ugliest Chicago Blackhawks, what are your picks?? Please submitt your picks in the comments section.