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Top 5 NHL Goalie Masks Of All-Time

By Skylar Peters
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Halloween is here, and there is no better time to highlight the creativity of hockey goalies. Many different aspects have been taken in designing a goalie mask, ever since the fateful day Jaques Plante was the first goaltender to cover his face. Here are the Blackhawk Up’s 5 goalie masks of all-time.

#5: Thomas Griess

Thomas Griess’ terrifying mask.

With Halloween officially here, one of the NHL’s back-up goalies has hit the spot. Any goaltender would love to strike fear into their opposition’s eyes, and Thomas Griess has done just that. His scary mask stretches all the way around his helmet, and it one of the most detailed helmets ever worn. The only catch: Griess’ mask is usually sitting on the floor, while he’s on the bench backing up Phoenix Coyotes teammate Mike Smith.