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Top 5: Scariest Blackhawks Opponents

By Phil Bausk
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This image was sourced from and is credited to Bruce Bennett Studios.

T-2 Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr’s Mullet

The early 90’s was a troubling time for many but the irreparable damage done to both male and female hair styles is chronicled with photographs much like the one above. The Penguins were the biggest obstacle in the ‘Hawks way to a Stanley Cup title in 1992 and unfortunately, this wasn’t a stumbling block they could overcome. Lemieux was establishing him as the world’s 2nd greatest player and Jagr was beginning what would turn out to be a Hall of Fame caliber career. The 1992 finals were quick and the Penguins dispatched the ‘Hawks and their last Stanley Cup hope for quite some time. At least the ‘Hawks didn’t have to watch those ridiculous hairdos… until Tony Amonte joined the team.