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Top 5: Viral Video Suggestions for the Chicago Blackhawks

By Phil Bausk
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Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

2. Joel Quenneville and His Mustache

With its own twitter handle, it is clear that Coach Q’s mustache has gained a ton of notoriety with the local fan base. The question is, how does the team parlay this mild obsession into PR gold. Perhaps having a Joel Quenneville fake mustache night, followed immediately by a Joel Quenneville fake mustache comb night isn’t too much to ask? Perhaps this video can just be used as the viral advertisement.

Mandatory Credit – Robert Mayer USA TODAY Sports

1. Everyday Chores Conducted with Passion

In my opinion, the hallmark of these recent Blackhawk teams is the collective passion and enthusiasm these guys bring every night on the ice. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do you see a lethargic ‘Hawks team and that is a result of their love of the game both individually and as a unit. So why not make everyday events just as passionate? Maybe Patrick Sharp takes out the garbage with the same fervor that he shelves a wrist shot with? Do we know if Andrew Shaw chases a loose quarter down the street as if he is fore-checking in a close game? I think this one has some serious potential.

Have any additional video ideas?

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