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Chicago Blackhawks Duo Leads NHL Jersey Sales

By Sean Fitzgerald

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have been tied to each other since they were drafted in consecutive years. Toews was drafted third in 2006. Kane would be drafted first in 2007. These two players will be forever linked.

Today the NHL released its highest selling jerseys for the month of October. The list is topped by who else but Patrick Kane. The ever popular Patrick Kane jersey finished 5th last season in jerseys sales.

Kane lead fellow teammate Jonathan Toews in October. Toews jersey was the 2nd most purchased jersey last month. This is actually down a spot, as Toews jersey lead all jersey sales last season.

Rounding out the Top five in October was the Penguins Sidney Crosby at three the Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk at four and Florida Panthers Tim Thomas at five.

Hopefully the Blackhawks duo can continue to dominate on the ice as well as off the ice. The Blackhawks will play the Dallas Stars on Saturday.