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Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton Vs Winnipeg Jets

By Keith Schultz

When a player or coach doesn’t really show up during a Blackhawks game, they get put on the Milk Carton. As most of you know, people’s pictures used to be put at the back of milk cartons when they went missing. So the Milk Carton for the Blackhawks is more about who went missing or played terribly during the game.

Last nights game was a cake walk and to be really honest no player stood out as missing, but one thing that was missing the entire game was Jeremy Morin on the third line.  Joel Quenneville has won 2 Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks so there isn’t a whole lot of complaining about the job he has done overall, but the way he manages young players is less than to be desired at times.

It’s seems the Coach is still upset about a missed assignment by Morin against Winnipeg Saturday night.  Young players may miss assignments, but to bench Morin and play Sheldon Brookbank on third wing is sort of no it is ridiculous.  Not only did Brookbank only play 2:47 through two periods, Quenneville was double shifting Patrick Kane through much of the first two periods.

One of the things about Q last season was he managed everything great, but this season he seems to have gone back to his insane ways.  If you’re not playing Morin and you have two days off at least call up Jimmy Hayes or anyone else in Rockford instead of dressing Brookbank at forward and then having your assistant coach at the 2nd intermission say it’s because the Hawks have had too much time off and everyone needs to skate.

Play the best lineup every night, and this is why the Coach, Joel Quenneville is on the milk carton today!

Who was your Milk carton nominee?