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Chicago Blackhawks: A Fast Mark Of Consistency

By Keith Schultz

Nov 2, 2013; Toledo, OH, USA; Detailed view of the Los Angeles King and Chicago Blackhawks on the Stanley Cup prior to the game between the Kalamazoo Wings and Toledo Walleye at the Huntington Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When the NHL came back from lockout the Blackhawks were basically given a schedule that started out on the road and most people said that a fast start was needed even on the road. As we all know and witnessed the Hawks went on the fastest start ever recorded in NHL history.

Even if you throw out the shortened season, the Blackhawks have started out fast every season of the Jonathan Toews as Captain era.  The Blackhawks haven’t missed the playoffs since Toews was named Captain and they have had one of the best 7 starts of all the Western Conference teams since 2008.

Do fast starts or good starts correlate to playoffs and Stanley Cups? Not necessarily but every team since 2008 to win the Stanley Cup has been in the top 8 of their Conference in “fast starts”

So, have the Hawks started as fast as last year of course not, but they are right there in the top 8 of the Western Conference in points where they were in 2009 when the won the Stanley Cup.  Of course everyone will always say it’s not how you start, but how you finish.  The start does matter especially in the NHL because when you are fighting and clawing to get into the playoffs the gas tank is never full  enough for the best tournament in all of sports in the end.

The Hawks are starting to click offensively after a slow start putting pucks in the net, but all along the Hawks were collecting points like they always do and if history has anything to say about it, the Hawks will be set up for success in the long run at the end of the regular season. If you want to see all the fast starts since 2008 on click here.

What do you think of the Hawks start?

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