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Blackhawks’ Quotes Of The Week: Bicks, Keith, & Sharp

By Joe Kremel

Nov 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (2) is congratulated by goalie Corey Crawford (50) for scoring a goal against the Edmonton Oilers during the third period at the United Center. The Blackhawks beat the Oilers 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Coache’s Corner

Quenneville on Saad

"“Obviously, his play recognition with top guys, with seeing plays, and sustaining pucks.  He’s going to some good areas and compliments the guys he’s playing with. We feel no matter what line he’s on we should have a line that’s decent offensively.”"

Q and the Blackhawks organization are happy with the growth of Brandon Saad.  People are starting to call him mini Hossa due to his hand-eye coordination and strength on the puck.  His presence on any line is an offensive boost.  If you like fancy stats, then you’ll be pleased to know that those Corsi numbers backup Q’s feelings.

Quote Countdown

#3 Patrick Sharp on Team D and where it leads

"“That’s the idea.  You try to play a good team game.  Joel has been with us long enough that I feel like everyone in our locker room knows what he wants out of us.  It seems like the better we are at that defensive team game, the more offensive chances we get. “"

Sharp just gave out the secret for the team’s success last year!  Seriously though, it’s easy to talk about functioning as a single entity but it’s never easy in practice.  The team is showing flashes of last season’s brilliance with their play of late.  The problem is motivation, and that was clear in the game against Edmonton.  Which leads us perfectly to…

#2 Bryan Bickell on the Hawks picking up points

"“We’re just looking forward to get any points we can.  I know we’ve been getting a lot of them, but some games we don’t deserve to get points.  We need to be better, to be a better team and earn it.”"

Bickell is absolutely correct about this, and this quote came even before the Edmonton game.  This is what needs to be on the board before a game and talked about during intermission.  The Hawks have gotten a lot of points, and the fans know that the Hawks don’t always have the focus that they should be playing with.  It’s always good to see players sharing the fans’ view.

#1 Quote Of The Week

Duncan Keith on what he “saw” on his goal

"“I just saw Hossa in front of the net, and no one else around him. So, I just wanted to get it to the net.  I saw it go in the net, and, [surprised] I scored… that’s what I saw”"

That sums it up I guess.  I added the GIF of him saying that last part.  I love watching players have fun with questions rather than just giving boring generic answers.  The Blackhawks tend to try for the perfect plays, and this goal showed the importance of just putting it on net.  Keith’s reaction to the question is just perfect.

Duncan Keith has a little fun with his answer to the media. GIF by Joe Kremel of