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Chicago Blackhawks Gritty Player Of The Week

By Phil Bausk

Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t a great week of physical play by the Chicago Blackhawks. Opponents tallied 17 goals against the ‘Hawks this week and did so by being very physical with the Blackhawks wingers and defensemen. From my viewpoint there wasn’t much “grit” from the ‘Hawks this week but there was one player who stood out a bit in these somewhat melancholy performances, Andrew Shaw.

Shaw is the first Blackhawk to win this award twice, so he is going to have to start making that trophy case in Mr. and Mrs. Shaw’s living room just a bit bigger. It started with his performance against the Phoenix Coyotes last Thursday where Shaw mixed it up with some Coyotes in front of the net in the 3rd period of a game the Blackhawks ended up tying in the 3rd and winning in a shootout. Shaw also recorded a few hits and a blocked shot to go along with his minutes in the penatly box that evening.